13/11/21 Freedom, The Power of Song / Scunthorpe, UK 7.30pm TICKETS
4/12/21 The Queen’s Six Christmas Concert / Guildford, UK 8pm TICKETS
14/12/21 L’Estranges in the Night / LIVE on YouTube via Choir of the Earth 7pm TICKETS
17/12/21 The Queen’s Six Christmas Concert / Coburg, GERMANY 7.30pm TICKETS
19/12/21 The Queen’s Six Christmas Concert/ Schwarzenberg/Erzgebirge, GERMANY 5pm TICKETS
22/12/21 L’Estranges in the Night / The Pheasantry Jazz Club, London, UK TICKETS


19/9/21 First performance of The Chorister’s Prayer / Croydon Minster, UK, 5pm UNTICKETED
15/10/21 First performance of Green Love! Songs to save the world / United Learning 7pm WATCH VIDEO
13/11/21 First performance of Sing, sing, sing from Freedom, The Power of Song / Scunthorpe, UK TICKETS