God the Holy Trinity

God the Holy Trinity by Joanna Forbes L'Estrange


God the Holy Trinity
by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange

A reflective and prayerful setting of the prayer for Trinity Sunday.
For unaccompanied SA/Men

Published by RSCM


Reviews from the first performance, Trinity Sunday 2019:

“If you wanted to have a piece that was going to have an import, a significance and an impact – this was it.”

“It was the first time I have been exposed to this text and I found it a beautiful and mystical experience to hear the music. The setting enabled me to listen much more clearly to the individual lines – the way the parts weaved into each other.”
Catherine Duce, Assistant Curate, Westminster St Stephen

Listen to Joanna being interviewed on BBC radio about this commission, June 2019:

Article in Church Music Quarterly magazine, Spring 2019



Article in the St Albans Review, June 19th 2019