Video games

Joanna’s voice can be heard on the following video games

Land of Glory
Dear Esther April 1st 2017 Joanna is the solo vocalist for a performance of Dear Esther LIVE, the award-winning game soundtrack by Jessica Curryat the London Games Festival
St John’s Church, Hackney, London, UK, 7.30pm

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange’s vocals were particularly captivating and powerful, coupled with the mystical imagery of icey stalactites and stalagmites, jutting through the cave walls.”

“The music itself, as performed live, had a far deeper and instant emotional impact on me than I was expecting; I have to give my most favourite performances a shout out from a superb all-round performance; Rachel Robson (viola), Joanna Forbes L’Estrange (vocals), Everton Nelson and Tom Pigott-Smith (violins). The violin passages in particular moved me beyond all words.”

Amnesia: A machine for pigs featuring Joanna as soloist
Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture
Aliens: Year Zero
God of War: Ascension