Helping choristers

Alexander L’Estrange as a chorister at New College, Oxford, in the 1980s under Edward Higginbottom

Listen to your chorister’s golden voice forever and ever

We offer a unique service for choristers by recording them singing their favourite solos/choir pieces so that you can enjoy listening to your child’s treble voice long after it has gone. Both of our sons were choristers and we are so glad that we made recordings of their treble voices before they changed.

Alexander L’Estrange, who engineers and produces the sessions at Old Stable Studios in the Hertfordshire countryside, was himself a chorister in the famous choir of New College, Oxford; he’s also prepared many boys and girls for their chorister auditions at cathedrals up and down the country. He knows how to get the very best out of your son/daughter and to make a recording they can be proud of for the rest of their lives.

You can choose to record as many pieces as you like: any piece by any composer, with piano or organ, with or without choir backing. The first stage is to complete the enquiry form below and email it to


Have a listen…

Don’t just take our word for it…

“Never underestimate just how much you will miss your child’s unique treble voice. Making a beautiful studio recording captures it forever and will bring tears to your eyes.”

Kath Jenkin (chorister parent, St John’s College, Cambridge)

“You won’t get a better quality recording or knowledge of how to get the best out of a chorister than with the L’Estranges at Old Stable Studios.”

Phillip Brown (chorister parent, St John’s College, Cambridge)

“Alexander really helped to get the best from our son during the recording process and made him feel relaxed and enjoy the whole recording session. We were delighted with the recordings which we can  keep, replay and share with our friends and family as a lasting record of his treble voice.”

Naomi Mews (chorister parent, St John’s College, Cambridge)