‘Mass in Blue’ soloist

“A stunningly flexible voice, flawless musicianship and as if that wasn’t enough
a lovely personality too! 
Thanks for your wonderful singing!”
Will Todd, composer of Mass in Blue

“Joanna Forbes L’Estrange is a fabulous soloist who delivers with great feeling”
Music Web International

 “Voice like an angel that has power when she needs it, expression, clarity, can soar to the top of any vaulted ceiling and a range that allows her to hit top B flats for fun.
An incredible sound, so suited to the music that Todd might have written it for just for her.”

Edinburgh Fringe Review

One of my favourite pieces to perform Will Todd’s Mass in Blue. It doesn’t matter how many times I perform it, I never grow tired of it. For me, it’s the combination of singing as a “classical singer” – the piece has a 3-octave vocal range – with singing as a “jazz singer”. I’ve performed it with The Will Todd Trio, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra and gave the Scottish premiere of the piece at the 2015 Edinburgh International Festival.

I’ve recorded Mass in Blue with the Nonsuch Singers, conducted by Tom Bullard, and our very own L’Estranges in the Night jazz trio. Convivium label.

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Mass in Blue feat. Joanna Forbes L'Estrange

Mass in Blue recording feat. soprano soloist Joanna Forbes L’Estrange with the Nonsuch Singers conducted by Tom Bullard and L’Estranges in the Night jazz trio led by Alexander L’Estrange