The Three Wise Women

The Three Wise Women
by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange

A jazzy, Christmas song
For 3-part upper voices and piano

Published by Andagio


The World Premiere of this piece will be given by St Swithun’s Choir on December 12th 2019 in Winchester Cathedral, conducted by YiRu Chaim Hall who commissioned the work.

LYRICS ©2019JoannaForbesL’Estrange
Once upon a time there were three wise women,
One young, one middle-aged and one old;
They demonstrated trust in God from the beginning
Yet their stories are seldom told.

Every year we sing about the three wise men,
Who found their way by foll’wing a star, but
Now it’s the turn of the three wise women –
Are you ready to learn who they are?

Starting with Mary, our first wise woman,
So innocent and young was she
When the angel appeared with a message
That the mother of the Lord she would be;
Such was her faith in God she said
“The servant of the Lord am I,
Be it unto me as you’ve said –
My soul the Lord doth magnify!”

Next we have Elizabeth, our second wise woman,
Approaching middle age was she
When, childless, having thought she was barren,
She conceived most miraculously;
Such was her hope in God she said
“So long I’ve waited for this day”;
John the Baptist he came to be
And for the Lord prepared the way!

And finally Anna, our third wise woman,
So old and so devout was she
When she saw Jesus come in to the temple
Where she’d waited very patiently;
Such was her love for God she said
“He’s sent his son to save us all!”
And her prophesy was fulfilled
For, truthfully, He was the Lord!

Once upon a time there were three wise women,
One old, one middle-aged and one young;
They demonstrated trust in God from the beginning
And their stories should often be sung.
Where would we have been without our three wise women
And their trust in God above? So
What can we learn from our three wise women?
To have faith, hope and, most importantly, love.