We will remember them

We will remember them
by Joanna Forbes L’Estrange & Alexander L’Estrange

Featured on the Military Wives Choirs of Great Britain 2018 album ‘Remember’

Sheet Music NOW available in THREE VERSIONS:

SSA & piano
SATB & piano
SAMen & piano



She didn’t know, as she watched him go,
If she would ever hold him in her arms again.
Waved goodbye, trying hard not to cry,
Wond’ring when this dreadful war would ever end.
And every day in the knowledge
That he could get unlucky in the fight
And make the biggest sacrifice of all.
So sing it out!


We will remember them until the seas run dry
Come each November when
We hear our children ask us why
In two minutes of silence all the world stands still
We will remember them
And for ever and ever we will.

Some survived, standing tall with pride,
As the poppy petals fall before our eyes.
It’s to them, and to those who died,
We owe our freedom, for us they paid the price.
Forever more, it is our duty
To help to heal the human race
To make the world a better place for all
So sing it out!


Standing shoulder to shoulder
We sing our songs, we sing them loud
And together we feel bolder
We are strong and we are proud
Through our singing we unite,
As it was then and still is now;
That is why are inviting you to sing with us.