Concert soloist

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange specialises in the performance of modern music with amplified vocals. Mass in Blue by Will Todd • Steve Reich • John Adams • Stockhausen's Stimming • Berio's Sinfonia • Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings... Read more about performing

Studio singer

Joanna Forbes L’Estrange is one of London’s top studio session singers, recording music for Hollywood, British and European films (150 to date), TV (Home Fires), video games and with the most famous names in the music business... Read more about Joanna

Choral coach & adjudicator


Joanna Forbes L’Estrange is a highly skilled and popular coach of choirs of all ages and ability. Formerly MD of The Swingle Singers, she has worked with Trinity Choir Cambridge (pictured) and for all of the leading a cappella organisations. Read more about choral coaching

Joanna Forbes L'Estrange - Professional Singer & Choral Coach

Specialising in contemporary music on microphone: Mass in Blue • Steve Reich • Berio's Sinfonia • modern a cappella • Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings • John Adams • Stockhausen's Stimmung........

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Rave review of Joanna's performance in the Scottish Premiere of Will Todd's Mass in Blue, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2015

Joanna Forbes L'Estrange

Joanna Forbes L'Estrange, soloist for Will Todd's Mass in Blue, Edinburgh Fringe, August 2015

"The Scottish premiere of Will Todd’s Mass in Blue represented a radical departure from Cadenza’s normal fare, taking them way out of their comfort zone and the combination of a jazz blues quartet mixed with a standard mass text could easily have ended quite horribly in tears.

That it didn’t is a tribute to the quality of Todd’s music, his and his quartet’s playing and the ability of this choir to loosen up and swing with the best of them. Oh, and the wonderful, amazing Joanna Forbes L’Estrange. Did I mention her? Voice like an angel that has power when she needs it, expression, clarity, can soar to the top of any vaulted ceiling and a range that allows her to hit top B flats for fun. She could probably go higher if required – an incredible sound, so suited to the music that Todd might have written it for just for her. L’Estrange was as happy jamming it to a 12 bar blues as she was with the more structured parts of the piece." (Fringe Review, August 17th 2015, Tim Wilcock)

Joanna has been busy recording music for TV and film at the famous Abbey Road Studios, London, UK

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• Concert artist – contemporary vocals with orchestra, classical choral, modern a cappella, soprano soloist, jazz singer
• Studio singer – film, TV, video games, backing vocals for world-class artists
• Choral coaching – You can sing...but can you swing?!, Eton Choral Courses, Ingenium Academy, Voice Festival UK...

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