Concert soloist

Joanna L'Estrange Concert Soloist London

Soloist for Mass in Blue by Will Todd

Joanna L’Estrange specialises in the performance of modern music with amplified vocals. Mass in Blue by Will Todd • Steve Reich • John Adams • Stockhausen's Stimming • Berio's Sinfonia • Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings... Read more about performing

Studio singer

Joanna L'Estrange Studio singer Abbey Road Studios London

Film session at Abbey Road Studios

Joanna L’Estrange is one of London’s top studio session singers, working at the famous Abbey Road Studios (pictured) recording music for Hollywood, British and European films (150 to date), TV (Home Fires), video games and with the most famous names in the music business... Read more about Joanna

Choral coach & adjudicator

Sing: Ultimate A Cappella judges with Cat Deeley

Sing: Ultimate A Cappella judges with Cat Deeley

Joanna L’Estrange is one of the judges for the TV show 'Sing: Ultimate A Cappella', presented by Cat Deeley, starting on Sky 1 in Autumn 2017. She is a highly skilled coach of choirs and a cappella groups. Formerly MD of The Swingle Singers, she is a patron of Voice Festival UK. Read more about choral coaching

Joanna L'Estrange • singer • songwriter • choral coach • adjudicator

Specialising in contemporary music on microphone: Mass in Blue • Steve Reich • Berio's Sinfonia • modern a cappella • Howard Shore's Lord of the Rings • John Adams • Stockhausen's Stimmung........

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Joanna L'Estrange is the soloist for the upcoming UK tour of Award-winning game Dear Esther LIVE

Joanna L'Estrange is the soloist for the upcoming UK tour of Award-winning game Dear Esther LIVE

UK Tour of 'Dear Esther LIVE', featuring Joanna L'Estrange on vocals

Innovative live staging of The Chinese Room’s celebrated video game goes on the road after rave reviews for London performances.

A deserted Hebridean landscape, memories of a fatal crash, a book written by a dying protagonist – explore a haunting, deserted, island shrouded in mystery in a live audio-visual performance of the videogame Dear Esther, as it tours the UK this Autumn. The first date for the Dear Esther Live tour will be at Sonica, Glasgow, on 3 November, where a press preview will take place.

The play-through of the game takes place on-screen, accompanied by live narration and a live performance of BAFTA-winning composer Jessica Curry’s powerful score, the story is brought to life as an innovative performative work of visual art, classical music and theatrical storytelling.

Joanna has also been busy recording music for TV and film at the famous Abbey Road Studios, London, UK

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Joanna L'Estrange, Singer, Songwriter, Choral coach, Adjudicator

Joanna L'Estrange • singer • songwriter • choral coach • adjudicator

• Concert artist – contemporary vocals with orchestra, classical choral, modern a cappella, soprano soloist, jazz singer
• Studio singer – film, TV, video games, backing vocals for world-class artists
• Choral coaching – You can sing...but can you swing?!, Eton Choral Courses, Ingenium Academy, Voice Festival UK...
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